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This lady says cannabis oil “saved her life” after being told brain tumor will kill her within month

Accounts of people who say they are cured of terminal cancer after using cannabis oil are flying in the face of the medical profession’s refusal to prescribe it as a treatment for cancer.

There are numerous reports of terminally ill cancer patients using cannabis oil in a desperate attempt to stay alive. Often this works yet the medical fraternity still says there’s little evidence to prove it’s safe and effective.

Are all the people who are cured delusional?

Take Lyn Cameron from Blantyre who was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer almost four years ago.

According to this Mirror report Cameron was given just “six to 18 months” to live in December 2013. Following sessions of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she opted to try cannabis oil in a desperate bid to save her life. She had been diagnosed with stage 4 terminal brain cancer.

Cameron told the Mirror that she followed an alkaline diet and cut out processed foods and sugar. She took cannabis oil under her tongue and each scan after she started using the oil showed an improvement.

She kept her cannabis oil use from her doctors until she received the all clear at which point they completely dismissed her story that the cannabis oil had cured her.

Ironically, these were the same people who had told her that her cancer was incurable!

“They told me, ‘eat whatever you like, take all the vitamins you want, it won’t work.” Yet, she is cancer-free today.

Cameron has joined a new campaign group, Medical Cannabis Reform Scotland that is working “for the reform of the current prohibitive laws around the use of cannabis for medication”.

In an even more astonishing incidence an elderly man with terminal cancer was able to leave the hospice after treatment with cannabis oil.

Retired dentist and Stanford graduate Stan Rutner was almost 80 years old in hospice care and given just weeks to live. He had stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis to the brain. Rutner started taking cannabis infused coconut oil as medicine to stimulate his appetite, and wasn’t even aware that people use it to treat cancer. Once the family found that out he increased his intake and things started to turn around.

He started to put on weight and in 13 months he was released from Hospice. His doctors call him “Miracle Man” but they don’t credit cannabis with curing his cancer.

In March this year Callie Blackwell revealed to the Mirror that her teenage son Deryn, who had suffered from a very rare form of cancer for four years, was cured after she had given him cannabis oil. Deryn was in Hospice waiting to die, anxious and in extreme pain. His body was frail from round after round of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, he was hooked on the painkiller morphine, was unable to eat, covered in sores, nauseous and had lost all his hair, reports the Mirror. In a desperate attempt to ease his suffering his mother gave him cannabis oil without the knowledge of the medical staff. Deryn soon showed signs of improvement and within weeks the family was able to leave the hospice. He has had no treatment since.

“I’m not here to say cannabis can cure cancer or is a miracle drug,” Callie told the Mirror.

“But it did help Deryn and so I think we need to ask, ‘could it help others too?'”

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