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Cannabis for your canines?

Medical marijuana products can treat more than just humans; it might be the answer for dogs too.

Marijuana for pets, and specifically dogs, is a highly debated topic in the veterinary community. Vets are not able to prescribe their patients marijuana, even in states where it is legal. However, some vets believe that marijuana could be extremely beneficial to dogs and that the topic needs more research, but this probably will not happen until marijuana is legal on a federal level.

Dispensaries and some pet stores sell dog treats/supplements that contain cannabinoids. But most of these products contain very minimal, if any, THC, marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient. Instead, they contain hemp-derived CBD, making it perfectly safe for canine consumption.

Dogs have THC receptors in their brains just like humans, but due to their high density, dogs are more sensitive to the effects. You should not just give your dog the products you take, as they can have major negative effects on animals, which is a major reason why people think that marijuana is “poisonous” to dogs. People are giving their dogs straight marijuana, or edibles, which often contains several other ingredients poisonous to dogs. This gives medical cannabis for pets a bad name.

Some vets and other people see cases like this, ignore the fact that there are other factors in why the dog suffered from the product, and blame the marijuana. Although marijuana is not helpful in these situations, it is often is not the source of the problem. The problem is overconsumption due to lack of owner supervision. With careful dosing, marijuana can benefit dogs greatly.

Although research for medical marijuana in dogs is practically non-existent, anecdotal evidence provided by owners is pretty overwhelming. Countless stories can be found from owners claiming that using medical cannabis and CBD has helped improve their dogs’ lives. Dogs with cancer have been living longer and eating again, and those with anxiety have been more calm.

To reiterate, THC and normal marijuana products like flowers and edibles are not good for your dogs; however, CBD tinctures, CBD dog supplements and other CBD products can benefit a dog in pain or suffering from other ailments. But remember to be safe and responsible with cannabis products and your pets.

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